Woodkid - "Highway 27"

The year 2020 ends with a world premiere with the live musical performance of Woodkid, filmed entirely in volumetric capture in our studios in France, and broadcast 830 km away on German television.

Technology, Innovation and Music
Before the release of his first EP in 2011, Woodkid worked as a music video director and graphic designer with other international artists such as Moby, Katty Perry and Taylor Swift. Having become a singer and song-writer himself a few years later, we find in Woodkid's songs this sensitivity of the visual and the image, where innovation and new technologies come to serve the music to form a complete artistic work.

Distance and Presence
Facing the current Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, Woodkid and the ZDF contacted us to achieve with them a world premiere consisting of the broadcast on German TV of a live performance filmed in France.
The song "Highway 27" from his new album "S16" was therefore captured in volumetric video in mid-December, then calculated in a few hours to then be sent to the graphic design teams of the ZDF.
They then integrated the sequence into Unreal Engine, to finally broadcast, via an AR pipeline exclusively designed for this performance, the volumetric video of Woodkid integrated into the television set of ZDF Magazin Royal.