Volumetric Video Capture System

  • High Quality

    Perfecting the art of textures and meshes, volumetric video from the HOLOSYS™ has an unparalleled level of detail. With professional and creative applications across domains, the HOLOSYS™ simplifies bringing real humans into VR, AR, and MR.

  • All-in-one

    With hardware and software designed to run together seamlessly, the HOLOSYS™ delivers reliable & hassle-free operation. From Day 1, we include everything you need to start your volumetric video journey with us.

  • Portable Hardware

    The HOLOSYS™ is a fully transportable volumetric capture system, with modular freestanding pods, allowing quick assembly and disassembly for efficient on-site volumetric capture.

  • HOLOSYStm Spec.

    capture volume: up to D5m x H2.4m
    capture frame rate: up to 60 FPS
    output format: .4DRAW(1), .4DS & .ABC
    texture resolution: up-to 2880p
    volumetric filesize: down-to 2 MB/s(2)
    recording capacity: 110 minutes(3)
    storage capacity: up-to 30 hours of volumetric data

    (1): 4Draw gives you full control on quality & compression levels.
    (2): average filesize for 4DS format, Mobile 720p version.
    (3): video recording capacity at 30 FPS.