Dynamic Volumetric Capture System

The new cross reality camera, filming people for next generation virtual experiences

Innovative XR Studio Equipment

The new generation of 4DViews' volumetric capture system, has been designed with years of experience in entertainment and XR productions, to provide an easy and reliable volumetric capture solution to professional studios worldwide.

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Easy-to-Use Professional Camera

As simple to use as common broadcast cameras, you will be up and running with volumetric filming in no time.
HOLOSYS can be operated with only one person and does not required any deep technical knowledge.

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Optimized Volumetric Video

HOLOSYS' default output format is 4DS files which are compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine. The 4DS format is optimized for most major XR devices, including: HoloLens, Oculus, HTC Vive, iOS and Android smartphones, etc.

It is also possible to export to ABC format, compatible with the most recent CGI software such as: Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, C4D, Blender3D, etc.

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Full Packaged Product

HOLOSYS includes everything you need to start volumetric capture: hardware, software, services, and the benefit for years of a professional support and major technology updates.

Our After-Sales Service will accompany you all along your volumetric activity to give you the best of our experience.

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Test our volumetric captured holograms right now with a selection of sample sequences

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