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Add content to your virtual and augmented reality projects with volumetric capture and holograms

Film in volumetric to unleash a free floating viewpoint of the action, creating amazing visuals

Capture dynamic volumetric data of any living being in your own research laboratory

About 4DViews

Pioneers in the design of volumetric capture technology, 4DViews provides a complete solution for professional studios looking for the tool required to create holograms for all Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Visual Effects applications.



Founded in 2007, our team emerged from a research project covering various theoretical domains including computer vision, imaging, filming and VFX.


Pooling this knowledge-base we went on to create a dynamic volumetric capture system capable of filming live action actors in a large capture area, and then generating realistic holograms for virtual environments.



Thanks to our decade of experience, we have already explored a large number of projects in visual effects and both virtual and augmented reality. We support many applications and devices, such as:

HololensHTC ViveAndroid and iOS

Virtual Reality

Add depth to your virtual and augmented reality productions with volumetric capture sequences. Bring celebrities into the virtual world and create truly next gen applications: VR movies, AR ads or holograms

Visual Effects

Accelerate your VFX production by filming 4D sequences of extras and actors to be used throughout your film. Create amazing visual effects such as virtual camera movements, crowd effects or frozen moments

Science & Research

Free yourself from the laborious system engineering work and focus on the research. With our volumetric capture systems, you get a ready-to-use tool that has been tried and tested by many computer vision labs around the world.


Download Sample Data

Test our volumetric captured holograms right now with a selection of sample sequences

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4DViews App

Get holograms in your pocket! Download our new app for iOS and Android and try out our technology

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Now working on the technology which bring reality into the virtual world .. and vice versa! Follow our journey through the 4th dimension!

24.11.2017 / 4DVIEWS

New sequences in the Hologallery!

The Hologallery has been updated and many new sequences added to the list!

04.05.2017 / 4DVR

Volumetric Shooting with Shaolin master Shi Yan Jun

Watch real shaolin martial arts with virtual reality holograms of master Shi Yan Jun and 4DViews dynamic volumetric capture technology

09.12.2016 / 4DVR

Performing Sports With Mospac

The most innovative and high-end new technology to watch, learn from and train for your sports performances

09.12.2016 / 4DRD

New System at the EPFL

32 cameras filming two floors for EPFL's new study and research building

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