About Us

For 12 years, 4Dviews has been designing and selling three-dimensional filming technology, now popularized as volumetric video capture.

We pushed Innovation to Industrialization, and now provide high-quality and fully packaged equipment for professional creative studios. While constantly improving the performance of the capture technology, we have also developed an efficient volumetric video format compatible with the most popular software and hardware platforms.

Created in 2007 by French Computer Vision Research teams, 4Dviews set up the world's first volumetric video recording studio in Tokyo, Japan, in 2010 for the DigiCast studio of Crescent Inc..

Between 2008 and 2018, several pioneering volumetric video capture projects were born:

In 2018, 4Dviews launched HOLOSYS, the world's first industrialized volumetric video capture system.

Including complete capture equipment, a software suite with a lifetime product license, installation and operator-customer training; HOLOSYS allows all professionals in new communication technologies and extended reality (augmented, virtual and mixed), to easily film and produce high-quality volumetric video data, with a minimum of constraint and maximum compatibility with other distribution technologies, for one of the best returns on investment on the market.

At the end of 2020, HOLOSYS equips more than 10 professional recording studios around the world, in Asia, Europe and North America.

2008 Hip Hop

2008 Real-Time

2008 VR Fashion Show

2010 The Destiny of Rome

2011 IIM Paris

2013 VR Crowd Scene

2014 Relighting Demo

2015 AR & VR Demos

2016 Flatland Tricky App

2018 Volumetric & Looking Glass

2019 Volumetric & Photogrammetry

2020 VR Music with Greybeard