MIYAVI - "Need for Speed"

On the occasion of his last album "Holy Nights" and in particular for the release of the video clip for the song "Need For Speed", the Japanese rock star MIYAVI has put his interest on volumetric video capture technology, for an entirely virtual production.
The shooting took place in Tokyo at one of Crescent Inc.'s studios, equipped with the latest generation of HOLOSYS by 4Dviews.

The director, David Cihelna, describes in a few words the creation process:
"We used a game engine called Unity3D and volumetric capture to build everything in 3D from the ground up. The technique is known as "Virtual Production" and is a fast-growing sector of the gaming and film industry. It's been gaining traction due to the pandemic, as one of the benefits is that it's almost completely remote, which enabled us to produce this music video with an international team. The only physical shooting we did was to record 3D footage of the artist's movements, which took place in a Tokyo volumetric capture studio called 4DViews. The capture studio uses dozens of cameras to record video that is then processed into frame-by-frame 3D models played back in the Unity game engine. The rest of the production (99%) was all virtual - we brought in a cinematographer, vfx artists, and colorist to work directly in the Unity game engine for camera movements, lighting, set design, VFX, color."