December 02, 2011 13:00 pm


TOEI Company© partnered with Crescent Inc.© and 4DViews to shoot the special VFX movie REBELLIONS to promote TOEI’s one-stop production workflow capabilities available at their Digital Center in Tokyo.

REBELLIONS takes place in a futuristic setting with a lot of visual effects. Director Kazuhiko Mino was looking to make a live action movie that was not primarily a CG movie. Crescent Inc. introduced the production team to 4DViews as a way of quickly filming actors and outputting them as textured object series ready for compositing work.

Our dynamic volumetric technology was used to create more natural-looking characters that add realism to CG backgrounds. Rebellions shows how the actors' performances and CG work can be combined to create stunning visual results.



Read more about TOEI© and how Kazuhiko Mino (VFX supervisor) and Koichi Sakamoto (Director) used 4D Views’ technology to easily create 4D sequences for their production.

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