December 09, 2016 13:30 pm

Performing Sports With Mospac

A few months ago, we released Flatland Tricky on iOS and Android. The point was to create a proof of concept application including 4D technology, with the ambition to provide the world's first 4D application for the general public.

It led to a How-to app for BMX flatland riders, using the 360° feature from 4D to give a fully immersive and comprehensive way of learning tricks for the riders.

Targeting an active community of 3,000 BMX riders specialized in the flatland style, the Flatland Tricky application has been a great success, with more than 10,000 downloads from the wider public. This includes very early BMX beginners but also pro-riders (read our article on Flatland Tricky).


Finally, discussions led to meeting the team from the Mospac startup: mospac.org

 4DViews and Mospac

Mospac's project is very close to Flatland Tricky's heart: it gives people, sports persons, an innovative and high-end tool for movement and action analysis to "watch, repeat and learn" best practices in a wide range of sports.

It offers a natural process for all aspects of sports learning: observation and repeating gestures, with new media such as Mixed Reality, mobile apps and internet social networking.

A first shooting session was done in November 2016, filming several test sequences for tennis actions:

Tennis: Forehand Drive (feat. Mospac)

Duration: 3.4sec

Volumetric Shooting with Shaolin master Shi Yan Jun

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