January 06, 2016 13:00 pm

Learn BMX with Flatland Tricky

For the first time ever, 4D Capture technology is in the palm of your hand, packaged as a How-to app for BMX flatland. Flatland Tricky uses 4D capture and VR to provide riders with a unique way to learn new tricks and hone their performances.

The Flatland Tricky app is poised at the intersection of the great performance of rider Quentin Pelorson, and the new 4D capture technology. Users can watch thirty of Quentin’s tricks filmed in-studio and presented by his virtual double in a virtual environment that displays the tricks in 360° with complete playback and viewpoint freedom.

Available now for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.



The onboard 4D capture technology in this app allows the user to better understand each trick, by offering complete control over the virtual scene, all while maintaining the fidelity of the real movements.

Flatland Tricky helps users to learn by letting them be with Quentin on the spot as the trick is performed.

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