August 01, 2012 13:00 pm

Always Sunset on Third Street

The film, Always: Sankhome No Yuhi ’64, takes place in Tokyo in 1964 and is the third hit movie of the series made by Takashi Yamazaki. The storyline focuses on the lives of the inhabitants of Tokyo’s Third Street district. After a long period of economic growth, Japan is preparing for the Olympics, an event signaling change for the residents of Third Street.

Our 4D volumetric capture technology was used to generate holograms of secondary characters and extras, and provide live-action quality shots in 4D, all for the price of a modest computer graphics budget.

During production planning, director Yamazaki had already been impressed by the results of the 4DViews system work done by Crescent Inc. for the Mezamashi© morning television show on FujiTV. By working with Crescent Inc. in their Digi-Cast studio, over a hundred reusable 4D character sequences were created for the film.

Unlike animation-based approaches, our dynamic volumetric technology allows us to capture individual & multi-character live performances in costume and with accessories. Productions can create reusable libraries of routine character shots for use across multiple shots.

Because our 4D capture can record a large number of sequences in a short time, 4DViews allows productions to shorten the production filming schedule.

As any 4DViews sequence can be composited into any shot in post-production, 4DViews' technology allows productions to simplify on-set work by reducing the number of secondary characters required on set. This allows productions to shift costs to the post-production phase.

4DViews sequences are directly importable into AutoDesk® Maya® & 3ds Max® using our plug-in technology. Post-production work is quick and easy as sequences do not need retargeting, clothing simulations or the use of other animation techniques. 4DViews reproduces the actors’ performances directly as they were expressed in-studio.

Learn more about Always 3, Director Yamazaki’s vision and 4D Views dynamic volumetric technology by reading this article.

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