As images speak more clearly than words, pick a sample 4D hologram of your choice and test it in your favorite editing suite

Volumetric Sequence Samples

Baptiste Legendre

#animal #dogTrainer


Please read and accept the following mentions to download the sample data:

  1. The content (code, sample images, sample data, documentation, binary files) of this archive is the exclusive property of 4D View Solutions SAS.
  2. The sample data can only be used for testing purposes and can not be used for any commercial or non-commercial project.
  3. On using this sample data, you agree on mentioning 4DViews as the source of the data and technology.
  4. The use of the sample data is possible for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of download.
  5. Additional license information may be provided with the downloaded file(s) and/or with accompanying software licenses.
I understand and accept the mentions listed above, and any additional license information provided with or within the downloaded file(s).


.4DS format is a proprietary file format for volumetric sequence, optimized for VR, AR and MR applications. You can simply watch it with our desktop player, or you can use it for testing app creation with our Unity and Unreal Engine plugin-in.


.ABC format (Alembic) is a standard file format compatible with manu computer graphic software like: Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, .. Please watch our tutorial video to correctly use it.

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