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11.10.2018 / 4DVR

HOLOSYS Mobile with ARKit & ARCore

Major update of our 4DViews mobile application, now with ARKit & ARCore!

22.08.2018 / 4DVR

Now 4DViews on VR stores!

The new 4DViews VR showreel application is available for free on Vive Port (HTC Vive) and Play Store (Lenovo Mirage)

28.04.2018 / 4DVIEWS

Georgia State University steps into volumetric video

Openning of a new volumetric capture studio, equipped with HOLOSYS, at GSU, Atlanta.

27.02.2018 / 4DVIEWS

DigiCast studio partner updates to HOLOSYS

DigiCast studio, Crescent Inc., once again choose 4DViews to equip their studio with a new HOLOSYS volumetric capture system

24.11.2017 / 4DVIEWS

New sequences in the Hologallery!

The Hologallery has been updated and many new sequences added to the list!

04.05.2017 / 4DVR

Volumetric Shooting with Shaolin master Shi Yan Jun

Watch real shaolin martial arts with virtual reality holograms of master Shi Yan Jun and 4DViews dynamic volumetric capture technology

09.12.2016 / 4DVR

Performing Sports With Mospac

The most innovative and high-end new technology to watch, learn from and train for your sports performances

09.12.2016 / 4DRD

EPFL choose 4DViews for Computer Vision

New multiple cameras system for the Computer Vision EPFL's department

06.01.2016 / 4DVR

Learn BMX with Flatland Tricky

Learn BMX flatland tricks with Quentin Pelorson

01.12.2014 / 4DRD

Kinovis: 4D Capture and X-Rays

4DViews won the public call for bid to equip the new INRIA platform: Kinovis

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