Explore A New Dimensions Of Reality With 4D Capture

Add content to your virtual and augmented reality environments
by using our technology to film people in volumetric 4D sequences

About 4DVR

Get the last volumetric capture system technology for your studio and turn reality into virtual assets for all your Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications, for all devices

"4DViews' technology turns reality into virtual assets"

Film Real, Watch Virtual

Sports performers, music bands, movie scenes; almost everything can be reconstructed in 4D, as long as it fits between our studio’s walls.

The data generated can be imported into most creative software using our plug-ins. These offer easy-start tools like audio file synchronizing and sequence triggering on events.

Our technology is compatible with current VR, AR and MR devices, such as: Hololens™, Oculus Rift™, HTC Vive™, Google Cardboard™, smartphone & tablet applications; or anywhere three dimensions are just not enough!



Let's Create Together

Interested in having your own volumetric capture system?

Our team is with you at every stage of your project from first contact to on-site installation and team training.

You can also start trying out our hologram sequences right now with free sample data available for test purposes




Download Sample Data

Test our volumetric captured holograms right now with a selection of sample sequences

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4DViews App

Get holograms in your pocket! Download our new app for iOS and Android and try out our technology

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Now working on the technology which bring reality into the virtual world .. and vice versa! Follow our journey through the 4th dimension!

11.10.2018 / 4DVR

HOLOSYS Mobile with ARKit & ARCore

Major update of our 4DViews mobile application, now with ARKit & ARCore!

22.08.2018 / 4DVR

Now 4DViews on VR stores!

The new 4DViews VR showreel application is available for free on Vive Port (HTC Vive) and Play Store (Lenovo Mirage)

04.05.2017 / 4DVR

Volumetric Shooting with Shaolin master Shi Yan Jun

Watch real shaolin martial arts with virtual reality holograms of master Shi Yan Jun and 4DViews dynamic volumetric capture technology

09.12.2016 / 4DVR

Performing Sports With Mospac

The most innovative and high-end new technology to watch, learn from and train for your sports performances

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