Dynamic Volumetric Reconstruction

Analyse the world and any living being through a dynamic 360 degrees

About 4DRD

Born and raised in the lab, our volumetric capture technology is the perfect tool to get your dynamic volumetric information for research on living beings.

4DViews' technology captures the reality of motions

4DViews' Technology

Born in a French computer vision laboratory, our team has expertise in multiple camera technology and in volumetric reconstruction.

We have considered the many research field constraints and put together a reliable and easy-to-use dynamic volumetric reconstruction system package for many computer vision laboratories around the world.


A Research Tool

The whole system is controlled from one single computer: acquisition frequency, recording, cameras settings, data management, export, archiving, etc.

Among other features, our systems can be synchronized with other technologies such as traditional motion capture systems, based on TTL or Video Sync signals.

All of our systems are Linux-based and an SDK is available for access to the data stream.



Using 4D Holograms

Learn how to quickly use our 4D technology with your favorite software

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Academic References

These clients have already taken a step into the 4th dimension

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Working Together

Have a 4D something in mind? Let's talk about how our holograms will help you with your project

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Now working on the technology which bring reality into the virtual world .. and vice versa! Follow our journey through the 4th dimension!

09.12.2016 / 4DRD

New System at the EPFL

32 cameras filming two floors for EPFL's new study and research building

01.12.2014 / 4DRD

Kinovis, 4D Capture and X-Rays

Filming 4D for Computer Vision research purposes

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