Explore 360° of Visual Effects

Film your actors in emotional or action scenes,
with or without props and costumes and receive a virtual hologram for your CG post-production pipeline

About 4DFX

Film your actors and extras in 360°, build your own 4D asset library and create amazing visual effects with virtual and realistic avatars of actors

"4DViews' technology opens a new dimension of visual effects"

Filming Volumetric

As easy as any other type of studio shooting, filming with our volumetric capture system gives you the ability to record a scene in a 360° free viewpoint.

4DViews technology uses multiple cameras set out around the actors to generate a virtual asset of the sequences filmed. This can be used in any CG production pipeline, offering unlimited options for visual effects, such as: free placement of the actors, free virtual camera viewpoints, scene crowding, duplication of extras, materials and shaders effects and much more.


4DViews Studios

Working worldwide, our teams welcome you to our two dedicated studios, each with international capture services: in Europe (Grenoble, France) and in Asia at our partner studio DigiCast (Japan, France).

From shooting prep to 4D data delivery, we will be at your side to give you the best of our research and innovation.

Please contact us if you would like more information on how to buy your own 4DViews volumetric capture system.


Using 4D Holograms

Learn how to quickly use our 4D technology with your favorite software

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Capture Service

Take a step into our green studio, create your own 4D sequences and all-new experiences mixing...

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Working Together

Have a 4D something in mind? Let's talk about how our holograms will help you with your project

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Now working on the technology which bring reality into the virtual world .. and vice versa! Follow our journey through the 4th dimension!

01.08.2012 / 4DFX

Always Sunset on Third Street

The third cinema box office movie in Japan, Always: Sunset on Third Street

02.12.2011 / 4DFX


TOEI Company© partnered with Crescent Inc.© and 4DViews to shoot the special VFX movie REBELLIONS

15.02.2010 / 4DFX

The Destiny Of Rome

Filming a few dozen extras for a battle scene with more than 200,000 soldiers

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